Newels: Newels are the support components that secure the handrail in place and help bear the weight of the rest of the stairway. The two most common types are box (square) newels and turned newels. Each are great choices for support and only differ in stylistic preferences.

Balusters: Balusters (often called spindles) are the components supporting the rail. They act as a safety feature, eliminating excess space where a person could fall. Almost always decorative, they could be made from iron or wood and come in many different styles.

Handrail: Handrails are designed to be grasped by the hand and provide stability and support. They can be mounted in between two newel posts or mounted directly to the wall. We manufacture many different styles of handrail.

Treads: Treads are the part of the staircase that you physically step on. We manufacture our treads to standard size, or to your exact measurements. They can be made with or without returns. (a return is the finished piece on the outer end of a tread, usually used if the staircase is not in between two walls.)

Risers: Risers are the vertical elements of the staircase that provide the space between each step (the part that could be kicked when walking up a staircase). Risers are manufactured “in house” as well and can be made to your specifications if needed.

Skirt Board: Skirt boards are wooden pieces used to trim the raw edges of the treads and risers. They are usually used where the treads and risers meet a wall and sometimes on the open side of a staircase. They can also be made to your specifications.